CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility)

Ever since its establishment. Hawai Holding has always recognized the significance of social value and how it inevitably correlates to sustainable development. Hawai Holding has always played an active role in the Egyptian community, engaging in philanthropic and community support projects. Not only that, but even within each subsidiary of our operations, we have worked so hard to abide by the international standards of worker rights. We respect the basic rights of our employees. We strongly encourage gender equity and diversity. In the very end, we look forward to engage in the community development in Egypt and take part in the governmental initiatives towards social welfare.

1. ElSayed Metwally Foundation for Community Support Services in Port aid
2. ElSayed Metwally Mosque in Port Said
3. ElSoffa Foundation for Charity Services in Port Said
Activities -Engage in Orphans’ support. -Helping the impoverished families. -Ensure Medical Support and Healthcare for Critical Conditions for those in need. -rehabilitate youth to find employment opportunities. -Provide Haj and Omra for the poor. -Connect water pipes for the poor and rehabilitate housing in Upper Egypt.