Founded in 1973 by Mr. Sayed Metwally with forward-thinking strategic planning and professional marketing capabilities, Hawai holding is a family owned company, a well-established conglomerate with a diversified portfolio that engage in differentiated industries-Real Estate Development, Construction, Investment, Tourism, Entertainment and Industrial.


It is my strong belief that a company’s success lies in its enthusiastic professionals who work hand in hand to bring real change. At the heart of Hawai Holding’s success story lies a team of highly qualified and distinctive professionals


Sayed Metwally was born on February 13, 1941, in a modest neighborhood in Port Said, Egypt. Ever since he was a kid, Metwally had shown considerable interest in soccer; as a young boy, he used to tag along with his friends playing football in Port Said districts

Metwally had assumed responsibility early in life. He started work while attending secondary school. Ever since, he had been an inspiration to anybody who wants to challenge the odds and turn dreams to reality.
For many years, Metwally had been an accomplished teacher in Port Said; throughout his educational career, he had been one of the famous influencers at that time. Upon the onset of the 1967 war, Metwally moved to Cairo to work in his profession for a few years until he was appointed in 1973 as the head of Educational Delegation in Libya, where he stayed there for six years. Among his works is the establishment of private schools in Libya as well as other construction projects.

Years later, Metwally decided to come back Egypt to establish a number of construction projects in Cairo and Port Said governorates. He was the first entrepreneur to construct a factory for Ready Built Homes in Egypt and the


We seek to be Egypt’s leading and most valuable conglomerate, providing a broad spectrum of seamless services in real estate, construction, entertainment, industrial and tourism sectors, while contributing to the welfare of the nation.


Our mission is to build, develop and expand our diversified projects across Egypt. The goal in mind is to transform the way people perceive quality living, while upholding to our core values of excellence, innovation and perfection.


Our strategy is to embrace a distinctive approach across all our business core activities in real estate, construction, entertainment, industrial and tourism sectors. We aim to build a competitive edge across these sectors, by providing optimum value for our customers.