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Our History

Sayed Metwally was born on February 13, 1941, in a modest neighborhood in Port Said, Egypt. Ever since he was a kid, Metwally had shown considerable interest in soccer; as a young boy, he used to tag along with his friends playing football in Port Said districts, an early boomer who strives for success. Such progress had continued for years, and his accomplishments were born out not only by passion but also determination and hard work. At the age of 38, he was appointed as the President of Al-Masry Sporting Club in Port Said.


It is my strong belief that a company’s success lies in its dedicated professionals who work hand in hand to bring true change. At the heart of Hawai Holding’s success story lies a team of highly qualified and distinctive professionals, who could not possibly thrive with the conventional marketing strategies therein to sustain and develop a business model that has proved a success over the years.

In this highly globalized world, challenges are inevitable-the increasingly volatile markets, the never ending cost pressures, the local and international competition, and the list goes on.

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